Connectibook TMJ 1 (CB1)


CB1:2 Classification of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)
(MSc D.O. M.C. Tänzer)
CB1:3. Anatomy of temporomandibular joint, skull base, cervical region
((MSc D.O. M.C. Tänzer))
CB1:4. Craniofacial pain
4.1. Pain pathophysiological basics and differential diagnoses of head and facial pain (Prof. Dr. R. Baron)
4.2 Pain therapy (Dr. M. Gleim)
4.3 Psychosomatic therapy for TMJ (Prof. Dr. A. Stirn)
CB1:5. Clinical diagnostics
5.1. Anamnesis (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies, Dr. M. Asche)
5.2 Occlusal analysis (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
5.3 Temporomandibular joint function analysis (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
5.4. Clinical examination of the neuro- and viscerocranium (MSc D.O. M.C. Tänzer)
5.5. Structural damage of the temporomandibular joints (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
CB1:6. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the temporomandibular joint
6.1 MRI temporomandibular joint (Dr. J. Hezel)
6.2. Training MRI findings of the temporomandibular joint
(Prof. Dr. Fischer-Brandies)
CB1:7. Performance check CB1


Processing time: 2 months
Learning time: 38 hours

Connectibook CMD 2 (CB2)


CB2:1. The CMD-Kiel-concept dgT
1.1. Diagnostic and therapeutic path CMD-Kiel-concept dgT
(Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
1.2 Clinical Reasoning ((MSc D.O. M.C. Tänzer))
1.3 Cause-effect-chains (Dr. M. Asche)
1.4. Digital documentation (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies, Dr. M. Asche)
CB2:2. Occlusion and temporomandibular joint
2.1 Occlusal interference (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
2.2 Joint-specific treatment goal (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
2.3. Double bite (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
2.4. Registration splint (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
CB2:3. Occlusion and therapy
3.1 Reconstruction of occlusion in TMJ (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
3.2. Prosthetic reconstruction in TMJ (Prof. Dr. M. Kern)
3.3 Orthodontics in TMJ (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
3.4. Orthodontics-jaw surgery in TMJ (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
3.5 Implants in TMJ (Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies)
3.6. Dysgnathia surgery in TMJ (Prof. Dr. Dr. J. Wiltfang)
3.7. Surgical techniques for TMJ with temporomandibular joint pathology
Prof. Dr. Dr. J. Wiltfang
CB2:4. Performance check CB2


Processing time: 2 months
Learning time: 31 hours

Connectibook CMD 3 (CB3)


CB3:1. Ttraining in planning and control of a therapy
(Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies, Dr. M. Asche, Ch. Wunderlich)
CB3.2: Case presentation
(Prof. Dr. H. Fischer-Brandies, Dr. M. Asche., Ch. Wunderlich)
CB3:3. Performance check CB3
CB3:4. Final examinations
CB3:5. Glossary


Processing time: 5 months
Learning time: 180 hours