The course fees:

The participation fee for the Online-learning-course TMJ is due in 3 instalments upon activation of the corresponding Connectibook CB1, CB2 and CB3 at intervals of 1 month each.


Online conference with the teaching staff:

Available to participants free of charge once a month upon request:
– an online conference with the course director (approx. 60 min.), scheduling takes into account your wishes, if possible
– if it is necessary in presence of an osteopath / manual therapist


Further practical seminars:

Practical seminars are offered for graduates of the distance learning course:
– Splint therapy
– Temporomandibular joint functional analysis
– Manual therapy / Osteopathy for TMJ

The teaching staff:

Prof. Dr. Helge Fischer-Brandies (course director)
Specialist dentist for orthodontics
until 30.09.2021 Director of the Clinic for Orthodontics, University Hospital S-H, Kiel Campus Germany


Dr Marc Asche
DO MSc East, Master of Science in Osteopathy
DPO MSc Paed East (UK) / Osteopath and paediatric osteopath
Osteopathy Holtenau, Kiel/Germany


Prof. Dr. med. Ralf Baron
Head of Section Neurological Pain Research and Therapy
University Hospital S-H, Campus Kiel/Germany


Dr. med. Martin Gleim

Senior physician at the Clinic for Anaesthesiology and Operative Intensive Medicine

Medical Director of the Outpatient Pain Clinic, University Hospital S-H, Kiel Campus/Germany


Johannes Hezel, MD

Specialist in radiology

Medical Care Centre Kiel/Germany


Prof. Dr. Matthias Kern
Director of the Clinic for Dental Prosthetics, Propaedeutics and Materials Science
University Hospital S-H, Campus Kiel/Germany


Prof. Dr. Aglaja Valentina Stirn
Director of the Institute for Sexual Medicine and Forensic Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
ZIP Kiel S-H, Campus Kiel/Germany


MSc D.O. Marion Carolin Tänzer
Osteopath, physiotherapist and alternative practitioner
Osteopathy practice in Tutzing/Germany


Prof. Dr. Dr. Jörg Wiltfang
Director of the Clinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery
University Hospital S-H, Campus Kiel/Germany


Christian Wunderlich
Certified manual therapist OMT
Practice Wunderlich Physiotherapy Kiel/Germany